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Courier Service

North Star's courier service is one of the leading package delivery providers in the Cambridge and Metropolitan Boston area.

Whatever your package delivery needs are, our courier service ensures that you get the service commitment and reliability that you deserve.

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Executive Transport

North Star's executive transportation service is highly requested and recommended by professors, doctors, and professionals in the Cambridge and Metropolitan Boston area!

Every day, customers are requesting to open accounts for our executive transportation service!

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Shuttle Services

North Star Transportation has a number of transportation options for all your needs, which include shuttle transportation!

From one-time requests for a shuttle all the way to contracts servicing transportation for multiple property management companies, we have the experience!

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Fast, Affordable, & Dependable

As a small business company, our team at North Star Transportation Services pride ourselves with excellent services to our customers at a low and affordable rate. To this end, our small business company will may every to attempt to help save you pennies on the dollar without compromising the quality of our services. Investments in efficient equipment and improved technology will enable us to keep rate increases at a minimum, today and in the future.

After extensive research in the Cambridge and Boston area, we are happy to report that our prices for vehicle courier services will still be at a competitive rate compared to our competitors.

24/7 Service Contracts

Are you a healthcare organization or company that is interested in our 24/7 courier service? Contact us today and our team of sale representative will contact you with the next business day. We will make sure to work with you and your company to ensure that all accommodations are met so you can experience the same excellent services that our contacted clients have!

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Fast, Affordable, & Dependable