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 Please note that orders without an active courier account will require a credit card and authorization.

Courier Service

North Star Transportation Service team has been providing same day courier services for 30 years. Specializing in medical specimen transportation, we cover the entire New England area with a primary emphasis on the Cambridge & Metropolitan Boston area.

Whatever your package delivery needs are, our courier service ensures that you get the service commitment and reliability that you deserve.

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Executive Transportation

North Star's executive transportation service is highly requested and recommended by professors, doctors, and professionals in the Cambridge and Metropolitan Boston area!

Every day, customers are requesting to open accounts for our executive transportation service!

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Shuttle Services

North Star Transportation has a number of transportation options for all your needs, which include shuttle transportation!

From one-time requests for a shuttle all the way to contracts servicing transportation for multiple property management companies, we have the experience!

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Our Service Philosophy

Our philosophy has been to ensure that we allocate 100% of all our resources to every job. Every account deserves equal attention with regards to quality control, ensuring that pickups and deliveries are completed accurately. We do acknowledge that deliveries within the Healthcare industry require our utmost attention due to the sensitivity of the item(s).

Deliveries are never left unattended, signatures are required for every job and if a specific department is closed we immediately contact our customer and ask for further instructions. This allows for both our customer and our employee(s) to clearly communicate with one another for quick resolve pertaining to that specific job.

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North Star Transportation Services

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